At different points in my life, I've wanted to be a clown, a surgeon, a cop, a chef, and an investigative journalist.  I thought these wonderful career choices would pave the road to happiness, riches, and respect.  Moving somewhere chic and inspiring, where people valued education, travel, and creativity was my ultimate goal.  I would eventually earn a PhD, bop 'round town in a Jaguar, and meet my dashing male companion at all the greatest places to sip martinis before retiring for the evening, and waking up as a bombshell, articulate, culturally-savvy, successful version of me.
  Presently, I live in Ferndale, and life is pretty great.  I never did leave the Detroit area.  With the exception of vacation, I'll probably be here for the long-haul.  I almost never drink martinis, graduate school might happen in the fall, I drive a Saturn held together by zip-ties, and have several dashing male companions - none of whom I am dating.  I work for a feel-good nonprofit.  The town I live in has proven to be inspiring and creative.  I am surrounded by people I enjoy keeping company with.  I have developed a weakness for stray dogs.  I am happy, and frequently feel deep gratitude in regards to unanswered prayers.   My blog is updated first at largelydating.blogspot.com.
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