UPDATE: Thousands Lose Power in Huntington Woods

A severe thunderstorm that struck the area Wednesday evening left hail, downed wires and fallen trees in its wake and forced the cancellation of some Fourth of July events in the city.

A severe thunderstorm whipped through Huntington Woods and Berkley on Wednesday evening, battering the area with powerful winds and hail and knocking out power to thousands of customers.

DTE's outage map showed 2,152 customers were without power as of 12:10 a.m. in Huntington Woods. DTE reported a single outage in Berkley as of that time.

"The only place where there is power is on the south end of town," Huntington Woods City Manager Alex Allie said Wednesday night. "It looks like a very isolated storm."

He added that major trees are down in the city.

One of them crashed onto Jeremy and Kisha Verdusco's roof and on top of power lines in their back yard in the 10100 block of Elgin.

"I was grilling underneath the open garage door (in the back yard) and I decided not to come in because it was hailing," Jeremy Verdusco said. "The tree fell on top of the garage door and knocked over the grill.

"I had to scrape charcoal off the floor, but dinner was saved," he said, adding that he sustained a burn on his foot and a few sausages became casualties. "We were fortunate. It could have been a lot worse. I could be in the hospital right now."

Kisha Verdusco said DTE gave them a projected repair time of 11:30 p.m. Thursday.

She said the utility told her that 59,000 customers were without power Wednesday night throughout Metro Detroit and workers still had not finished making repairs to storm damage sustained Tuesday.

The Verduscos remained remarkably calm considering their home was without power and water was leaking through their roof and into a collection of pails on their dining room table.

The storm also forced the cancellation of all Fourth of July activities Wednesday evening at , but over went off as planned.

Director Steve Fairman urged residents to be watchful for downed wires Wednesday night, but said otherwise "things seem to have calmed down since the storms blew through."

Visit DTE's website for tips on how to stay safe during a power outage.

colette nutton July 05, 2012 at 11:19 AM
Best pic I saw of the storm was a cocktail filled with hail and gin. Just sayin.
Kevin Moser July 05, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Surprisingly with severity of storms in Berkley, our lights hardly flashed. I was very surprised. I totally expected to lose power as we tend to everytime we get a significant storm. Hopefully having lost so many garages, homes and a fatality, DTE is paying closer attention tot he city?
D Valade July 05, 2012 at 07:47 PM
Can't believe HW didn't cancel the fireworks. It was thundering and raining as late as 9:30. Many people had lost power; trees and power lines were down. Doesn't seem like safety was the main consideration in the decision to proceed.


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