What’s the Going Rate For a Lawn Service in Huntington Woods and Berkley?

As part of our new Smart Spending series, Patch wants to uncover the true going rate for various goods and services in town, so you'll know exactly how much you should pay for what you need. Help us out by replying in the comments.

This week: How much do lawn services cost?

How much do you pay for your lawn service? And what does that cover - just mowing, or does it cover weeding, pruning, planting?  Please share in the comments below - we promise we won't judge you! And if you've got a lawn service you love, tell us that too. 

Check out a list of lawn services in the Huntington Woods and Berkley in our directory. If you use one of the services, be sure to rate it for your neighbors!

This is the first of an ongoing series, "What's the Going Rate for..." where Patch seeks to uncover how much things cost so you never have to ask again. 

Joy May 15, 2013 at 02:38 PM
BIG LEAGUE TURF CARE is owned and operated by my brother and Berkley High School grad Todd Falkner and is looking for new referrals. Todd has been a resident of Berkley, Huntington Woods and Oak Park, Please give him a call ! 586-294-8873. Our lawn is so green, all the neighbors dropped their services and signed up with him.


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