Berkley High School Improves Michigan Merit Exam, ACT Scores

Test results released Thursday show students made gains in math, reading, science and writing, but performed worse this year in social studies, as did students statewide.

The percent of students who scored at or above a "proficient" level on the 2012 Michigan Merit Exam increased in most categories compared to 2011, as did their scores on the ACT.

The MME scores released Thursday show students' strength in all areas of the exam, which tests eleventh-graders on math, reading, science, social studies and writing each spring.

Statewide, student achievement on the 2012 MME showed one-year gains and even larger four-year gains in mathematics, reading, writing and science, the Michigan Department of Education reported.

The overall composite scores for Michigan high school juniors on the ACT college-entrance exam also increased for the fourth consecutive year, the MDE reported.

However, the percentage of high school students scoring proficient in social studies dipped slightly from last year (0.7 percent), with a four-year decline of 1.6 percent, according to the MDE.

Students in the also saw their social studies scores fall for 2012.

BSD Communications Supervisor Jessica Stilger said the district will be looking at how to adapt and enhance the curriculum to ensure all students are improving in social studies.

However, she said for the district to improve 3 to 5 percent in all of the other MME categories is "excellent."

"We did meet state proficiency in all of our subgroups, so we are happy about that," she said.

Stilger said test scores are just one measure of achievement and cited the following as other examples of what makes the district a great place:

  • The Washington Post recently ranked BHS as among Michigan's best high schools.
  • The BSD has an 80-plus percent acceptance rate to the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.
  • BSD students are routinely accepted at schools around the country, including such illustrious institutions as Georgetown University and University of Notre Dame.

High school juniors who took the MME this past spring represent the third junior class that is required by law to complete new, more rigorous Michigan high school graduation requirements, according to the MDE.

“The impact of having students engage in the rigorous Michigan Merit Curriculum is evident here,” state Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan said. “When students have the benefit of learning higher-level subject material, more will become career- and college-ready and prepared for success.

“We have to make sure we keep motivating all students with a challenging curriculum, and not give in to thinking that our kids just can’t do it. They can and they are,” Flanagan added.

Last year, the state also adopted “cut scores” for the MME that represent the more rigorous standards. Cut scores define a student’s performance level (i.e., Advanced, Proficient, Partially Proficient, or Not Proficient), according to the MDE.

“Building a stronger and more vibrant future for Michigan begins in the classrooms across this state,” Gov. Rick Snyder said. “We must equip students with the skills to succeed in this global economy.  While we have more work to do, our state is moving in the right direction. Let’s continue to build on these achievements for the good of our state and our children.”

The chart shows the percent of students proficient or advanced in each of the Michigan Merit Exam subjects, comparing 2012 to 2011.

Michigan Berkley School District
Berkley High School Tri-County Educational Center* Reading 2011 53
Reading 2012 56
61 7 Writing 2011 47
Writing 2012 49
56 61
6 Math 2011 27
Math 2012 29
0 Science 2011 26
Science 2012 26
30 33 0 Social Studies 2011 41
Social Studies 2012 41
40 43
4 ACT Average 2011 19.3
ACT Average 2012 19.6
20.7 13

Source: Michigan Department of Education

*The  for adult and alternative learning – which is located in Southfield and serves approximately 15 districts in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties – includes students from the .


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