Berkley Schools' New Bullying Policy Will Take Effect Tuesday

A new revised policy on bullying and agressive behavior will be put into action on the first day of school Sept. 4.

As the new school year begins Tuesday, a revised policy on bullying and agressive behavior will be strictly enforced.

The  approved the new policy at its meeting this past May, hoping to bring the district's policy in line with a new Michigan law. It outlines the district's responsibility to ensure a "safe and nurturing educational environment for all  of its students" by protecting them at school and school-related activities.

 that gave school districts six months to develop "clear anti-bullying policies" and in place by the beginning of the next school year. 

“It’s not that we did not have a bullying policy before,” said Jessica Stilger, communications supervisor for Berkley Schools, “but this one is much more in-depth and longer than our previous one.”

You can read Berkley's new bullying policy in full in the attached document.


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