Berkley, Huntington Woods Head to Polls Today

Voters get to choose from a field of Republican presidential candidates or express support for Democrat Barack Obama. Here's what you need to know.

Today, registered voters in Berkley and Huntington Woods will get the opportunity to cast their votes in the presidential primary. 

Republican voters will choose the candidate who they think should represent the party in the 2012 presidential elections. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and seven other candidates appear on the GOP ballot.

Democrats also have the chance to vote Tuesday; President Barack Obama will be the only name on the Democratic ballot.

In this "closed" primary, voters must request a particular party's ballot at the polls. However, that does not mean voters have to be registered with a specific party affiliation. This rule doesn't apply to the November election. 

Polls will be open 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Tuesday. 

Voters are required by law to show valid photo ID at the polls; a state driver's license or state-issued ID will suffice.

Below is a list of precincts in Berkley and Huntington Woods. If you're not sure where to go to cast your vote, visit the Michigan Votes website or contact the appropriate City Clerk's Office at 248-658-3310 (Berkley) or 248-541-4300 (Huntington Woods).

Absentee Voting

If you took out an absentee ballot, it must be returned to the city clerk's office by 8 p.m. Tuesday. You can track your absentee ballot with the Oakland County Absentee Ballot Tracker.

Voting in Berkley

  • Precinct 1: , 3338 Coolidge
  • Precinct 2: , 2265 Hamilton
  • Precinct 3: , 2325 Catalpa
  • Precinct 4: , 2400 Robina
  • Precinct 5: , 3839 Beverly
  • Precinct 6: , 3540 Morrison Ave.

Voting in Huntington Woods

  • Precinct 1:, 12935 W. 11 Mile Rd.
  • Precincts 2, 4:, 26315 Scotia Rd.
  • Precinct 3:, 26815 Scotia Rd.
  • Precinct 5:, 26325 Scotia Rd.


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