Unlocked Cars Burglarized: Tinley Park Police Blotter

Tinley Park police items, Jan. 7–13.


Items Stolen from Unlocked Car

Police were called to a home in the 18200 block of Murphys Circle, after a resident reported their car was burglarized overnight.

At the home, police spoke with the victim, who said that sometime over night an unknown suspect(s) entered their unlocked car and removed a TomTom GPS unit, a cell phone charger and a pair of glasses from the vehicle. The victim said the total value of the items was about $150.

The victim's car was unlocked and parked in their driveway at the time of the incident.

No evidence was found in the area.


Another Unlocked Car Burglarized

Police were called to a home in the 17800 block of S. 65th Court, after a resident came to the Tinley Park Police Station to report a burglary to their car.

The victim told police that some time overnight, an unknown suspect(s) entered their unlocked vehicle, which was parked in the victim's driveway, removing a Pioneer radio face plate. The victim also said the suspect(s) removed their debit card, social security card and $6 from their purse, which was sitting on the passenger's seat of the car.

The victim said they already canceled their debit card, prior to making the report.

Alleged Drunk Driver Fails to Yeild

Andrew J. Broda, 52, of the 7800 block of Belle Rive Court, was charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol, failure to yield while turning left, and BAC over .08, after police conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of 175th Street and Duvan Drive.

Police stopped Broda after he made a left turn in front of officers at the intersection of Harlem Avenue and 175th Street, causing officers to come to a nearly complete stop to avoid hitting Broda's car. Police then pulled over Broda and noted a strong odor of alcohol and asked him to perform standard field sobriety tests.

Based on the tests and the odor of alcohol, officers arrested Broda. During the stop Broda told officers he was drinking before the stop and had two beers in the last hour.

Police took Broda into custody and transported him to the Tinley Park Police Station. While being transported Broda asked if he could walk home instead of being arrested and told officers they were making a mistake, 'because he knows he's under .08.'

At the station, Broda blew a .107, admitted to drinking '6 to 8 beers' and admitted to being under the influence of alcohol. Broda is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 25 at the Bridgeview Courthouse.


Pass the Pot, Still Get Busted

Mark T. McKinstrey, 32, of the 8700 block of 176th Street, was charged with possession of cannabis less than 10 grams and cited for expired registration, following a traffic stop in the 171st Street and 69th Avenue.

Police stopped McKinstrey after noting his vehicle's registration was expired. During the stop, officers detected a strong odor of cannabis coming from McKinstrey's vehicle. McKinstrey told officers he did not have any cannabis in the vehicle, except, 'Maybe a little 'shake.'' Officers told McKinstrey they believed there was more in the car.

When questioned again, McKinstrey admitted to handing his passenger, also his brother, 'a quarter' which was now in his brother's shoe. The brother gave police the pot and then officers took McKinstrey into custody.

He was taken to the Tinley Park Police station, where he was processed and then released. He is scheduled to appear at the Bridgeview Courthouse on Feb. 25.

Skaters Busted for Smoking Pot at Krush

Anthony T. Konidaris, 18, of the 14500 block of Walden Court, Oak Foerst, Brandon Johnson, 22, of the 100 block of S. Park Road, Joliet, and James X. Ruiz, 18, of the 200 Block of W. 13th Street, Chicago Heights, were all issued citations for violating the cannabis control act at Krush Skate Park, 8059 185th Street.

While patrolling the parking lot of Krush, officers noted a strong odor of cannabis in the area and saw Konidaris, Johnson and Ruiz quickly exit a vehicle and attempt to leave the area on foot as officers stopped in the parking lot. Officers stopped the three, who admitted to smoke a joint prior to officers arriving.


You Don't Get a Warning for Trespassing, Again

Daniel A. Raimondi, 41, was cited for criminal trespass, after police saw him soliciting for money at the Park Center Plaza, 161st Street and Harlem Avenue.

While en route to another call, officers noted Raimondi was standing on the median west of Harlem Avenue with a cardboard sign asking for money. While returning from the other call, officers saw Raimondi on the parkway of the plaza with the sign.

Police stopped and spoke with Raimondi, advising him he was violating a no trespassing order and that he would be taken into custody. Raimondi said he knew he was in violation, but that he thought he would get a warning.

Police took him into custody, transporting his belongings to his mother's home, before transporting Raimondi to the police station for processing. He was released on bond, pending a Feb. 8 court date at the Bridgeview Courthouse.


I Swear I Parked Right Here

Police were called to the 7500 block of 159th Place, after a victim reported her car was stolen from the parking lot.

At the scene, police spoke with the victim, who told them she takes care of a patient overnight at the building and that she could not find her car. Police contacted Stat Towing to see if the company had towed the vehicle, which they had not.

Police could find no evidence of forced entry evidence in the parking lot. The vehicle was entered into police records and complaints were signed by the victim.

Playstation 3, Games, Controllers Stolen

Police were called to a home in the 7700 block of W. 159th Street, after a victim reported their home was burglarized.

At the home, police spoke with the victim, who said that her front door was forced open and that several items were missing from the home. Stolen items included a Playstation 3 console, nine games for the system and two wireless controllers. The total value of the items stolen is approximately $920.

The Playstation 3 system's serial number was entered into the police system and an evidence report was field.


Police report information is provided by the Tinley Park Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. Charges are not evidence of guilt. They are a record of police actions on a given day, and persons charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. If you or a family member are charged or cited and the case is subsequently adjudicated, we encourage you to notify the editor. We will verify and report the outcome.

Lauren Traut January 24, 2013 at 05:58 AM
Michael, Your comment was deleted as it violated our Terms of Use. We do not allow profanity or vulgarity, or racist language. You are welcome to repost the comment, without those components. Thank you, Lauren Traut, Associate Regional Editor
TP Mom January 25, 2013 at 07:04 PM
I also hope they keep in this guy- just last night he was on the median at 159th and Harlem, by the left turning lane. I'd be a little more sympathetic if he didn't have a home and a family. He's refused offers if work despite his cardboard sign, smokes cigarettes (expensive these days!) and is most likely looking for drug money. His kind don't belong in Tinley.
Michael Mathisen January 25, 2013 at 11:00 PM
No need for apologies, I was not in a cheerful mood that day and I did not need to make a huge deal out of a minor error. Accept my apology please.
Jeff Graveline January 27, 2013 at 04:05 AM
MIchael, No worries. We all have those days. No apology necessary. I always appreciate helpful feed back. Thanks again and keep reading Patch! - Jeff
jennie mcCArthy March 01, 2013 at 04:47 AM
That might be you in a couple years the way our economy is going or your children or relative .don't judge. you don't personally know this mans situation. You should just pray for him to get better whatever his situation may be


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