Oak Park Woman Not Guilty in Fatal Crash in Berkley

Sarah Gaynor was high and legally insane at the time of the March 2011 fiery crash that killed a Detroit man 'just minding his own business.'

, was found not guilty by reason of insanity Friday.

The Detroit News reports that in a three-hour bench trial before Oakland County Circuit Judge James Alexander, assistant prosecutor Brett Chudler retold how Terrence Dyer, 42, of Detroit was "just minding his own business" when he was at Greenfield and 12 Mile roads.

Dyer's car burst into flames and Gaynor's vehicle pushed it across the road and into the path of another vehicle stopped at the light in the opposite direction. A female in the third vehicle was injured.

According to The News report, a Berkley Public Safety Officer estimated that Gaynor, who has a history of mental illness, was driving at 106 mph when she sped by the officer on 12 Mile just seconds before the crash, Chudler said.

Medical experts for Gaynor and the prosecution who examined the woman or reviewed the case agreed she was legally insane at the time of the crash.

In June, Gaynor was ordered to undergo a mental competency and criminal responsibility forensic examination. 

In a hearing in December, defense attorney Randy C. Rodnick . He argued that Gaynor, who has been hospitalized for mental illness, was hearing voices at the time and unable to afford the medication she needed.

At that hearing,  Judge James Wittenberg .

Gaynor was charged with second-degree murder, reckless driving causing death and failure to stop. Under state law, those found not guilty by reason of insanity are taken into custody for additional mental exams for up to 60 days. Gaynor could be released or committed after that.

Brad Young May 27, 2012 at 01:53 PM
What? So now we all have to fear that there may be mentally insane people driving on the roads who will not be held responsible for killing others in accidents? Don't know much about the case, but my first reaction is that the jury would have a hard time finding a 22-year-old guilty of second degree murder for an accident. Sounds like the prosecution over-reached with that charge. On the other hand, the charge of reckless driving causing death sounds very appropriate and can't believe the jury couldn't agree on that. Mental issues or not, our laws are supposed to be designed to protect the innocent. What reassurances do we have that this woman won't be back behind the wheel in 60 days? Was her license permanently revoked (not that it matters to an insane person)? Who's going to pay for medicines the rest of her life? In other words, it's reasonable to expect that an uncommitted and/or untreated mentally ill young person will continue to pose a harm to others for decades.
Jozee Welz July 29, 2012 at 06:12 AM
This was my best Friend...Terrance Dyer.....im so heart broken to hear this How can someone not be blamed im at a lost of words.Ill never have closure!! Once again the justice system fails.Terry R.I.P I LOVE U HOMIE
cashmere786 September 24, 2012 at 01:36 AM
It's been over a year since our dearest Terry was taken from us. Terry was a great Man & Great Love of mine once lost but never forgotten. He is still with me in spirit today! Terry Mac Master Forever Lives in his Music & Inspiration. I wish I could have had one more chance to share with Him during his Life. Just One more time. This accident was So tragic. Ever since I heard of his passing and facts surrounding his demise I've been inconsolable. I'm speechless and my mind goes blank with indescribable sorrow, He will forever be Missed & I'll never have Closure. Please post pics of Our Terry Mac Master Dyer if you have one.


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