What Should Patch Put in Our 2012 Virtual Time Capsule?

Leave a comment or upload a photo to share your suggestions for the year's defining moments, stories or pop culture phenomena, Berkley and Huntington Woods! We'll unveil the capsule's contents on New Year's Day before we bury it unti

All this week, we'll be taking your suggestions for what should go into our 2012 virtual time capsule.

When you look back, what will make you say, "Oh yeah, that was 2012!" Leave a comment or upload a photo to tell us what you think were the defining moments, stories or pop culture phenomena of the year. We'll pick our favorites and compile them in a virtual time capsule that will be revealed Tuesday, Jan. 1.

For example, who could ignore the catchy pop tune Gangnam Style by South Korean pop star PSY? The song was so omnipresent in 2012 that the Berkley High School marching band performed it during half time of the Homecoming game in October.

On a more serious note, who could forget that 2012 was the year Berkley passed a millage increase or storms knocked out power to thousands on Fourth of July in Huntington Woods amidst a heat wave?

After New Year's Day, we'll bury the time capsule until the next year, when we'll dig it up to reflect and ring in 2014!

Penny Coyne December 24, 2012 at 01:26 PM
I loved the Jessica Stilger's picture of the students at Anderson Middle School forming a human peace sign in May. A message that stands the test of time!
Leslie Ellis December 24, 2012 at 01:32 PM
Thanks for the suggestion, Penny! Does anyone happen to have a photo to share? (Peace is a great thought to focus on in the new year!)


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