Kiss a Lot, Have Fun and Be Honest: Patch Readers Share Relationship Tips

Leave a comment to tell us your advice for a happy, healthy partnership this Valentine's Day and all yearlong, Berkley and Huntington Woods!

What are the keys to building and maintaining a good relationship?

We asked readers on the Huntington Woods-Berkley Patch Facebook page that question in advance of Valentine's Day on Thursday, Feb. 14, and they had a lot to say. Here are their answers:

  • Joan Tyldesley: honesty, communication and commitment. and don't forget fun!!!
  • Linda Fournier: My parents never went to bed mad--even if they were up to 3, 4 or 5 in the morning the issues were settled before they crawled into the bed.
  • Joyce Krom: Let your partner be your best friend and be your partner's best friend. Make each other your highest priority. And kiss a lot.
  • Rachel Heller: Don't make a deal out if hallmark holidays. Symbols of appreciation should happen spontaneously all year long.
  • Suzy Levine Kinnen: Learn to swallow your pride sometimes, and make sure to laugh together as often as possible.
  • Lori Schoessler-Robertson: You must have the same morals and ethics and ideals on how to raise your children, build your finances and how you want to live your life. A true partnership. Same expectations and respect for each other. Never lose sight of your spouse as your partner and keep the passion alive. Too often people let the little ones become all encompassing and they forget the needs of the spouse.
  • April Mrosewske: Try to have a date night at least once a month! Enjoy each other! Also, always remember that no matter how bad things are you love each other and everything will work out! One more thing, also let your significant other go have a "boys or girls night out".

[What's your best advice for how to keep the romance alive in a relationship? Leave a comment!]

A gift to show you care

If you want to take Patch blogger Bill Kalmar's sage advice and pick up some flowers or chocolates for your special someone, there are plenty of shops where you can find either in Berkley and Huntington Woods!

  • Dynasty Flowers & Gifts, 2510 12 Mile Road, Berkley
  • Westborn Market, 27659 Woodward Ave., Berkley
  • Thrifty Florist, 26989 Woodward Ave., Huntington Woods
  • Sweet Essentials LLC, 3233 12 Mile Road, Berkley


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