Coolidge Construction Delayed

Motorists have an expected day or two more before the northbound lane is shut down to be repaved thanks to Monday's windy weather and preliminary underground work.

Surprise, Coolidge Highway isn't closed down like expected. 

According to Huntington Woods City Manager Alex Allie, the process to repave the northbound lane of Coolidge Highway is off to a delayed start due to the .

Construction was intended to start sometime Tuesday, with the detours in effect, but so far, the flow of traffic along Coolidge has remained relatively smooth.

“It will probably close tomorrow (Wednesday). Monday’s wind created a delay," Allie explained.

Because the progress on preliminary underground work isn't on schedule, Coolidge has been kept open more than 24 hours after the start of the project, and Allie said the road will remain open as long as possible.

“Virtually all the staging is complete, but they’ll keep it open until the very last minute when equipment is ready to tear out the old pavement."

Once underground work is complete, the road will be repaved with concrete and is expected to be finished by Sept. 17. 


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