What's the Best Coffee or Tea Shop in Berkley, Huntington Woods?

Share your recommendations for the best places to grab a cup of java or tea in town.

When a new family moves into your neighborhood and asks for your recommendations for stores, take-out places or professional services, what do you say?

Because Patch has an extensive directory of local businesses, we want all of our readers to benefit from your experience the way your neighbors do. Who do you call when you have a plumbing nightmare? Where do you go for a last-minute blowout before a big date? Whom do you trust when your car starts making a weird noise? Share your knowledge by leaving reviews on businesses in our directory.

Every week, we'll focus on a different product or service. Today the hot topic is coffee and tea shops.

Visit Berkley Patch Places to learn about local shops and write reviews. Which spot makes your favorite latte or cup of tea? Or, did you find one where the lines are always too long?

Let us know by clicking through to the profile pages of these businesses and leaving your comments: 

Tell us, Berkley and Huntington Woods, which is the best coffee or tea shop in the area?

Coffee Beanery might be a chain, but it feels like a mom and pop coffee shop; the owners walk around and talk to customers, and the staff is always cordial. It gets my vote. I always fee at home whenever I stop by the Beanery.
Woops. I have a typo... Meant to say... I always feel at home... not fee...
Libby Turpin January 17, 2012 at 02:13 AM
Coffee Beanery. I love the open mike nights. The open floor plan is great if you want to read by yourself, hold a meeting or meet a friend. The staff is friendly. What more could you want.


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