Huntington Woods Entrepreneur Helps People Get Organized

Learn more about Busy Bea's Organizing, LLC, in this week's Small Business Spotlight.

Karenbea Sewell, Owner & Organizer at Busy Bea's Organizing, LLC, said the Huntington Woods business was founded in December 2012.

Sewell recently submitted information about the business to Patch. If you have a business and want to participate in Patch's Small Business Shout Out you can fill out the form here.

How did your business come to be?: I've been organizing my whole life. My husband suggested I become a professional organizer after I helped him organize his disastrous tool bench.

What's a fact about your business that most customers probably don't know?: Organizing is in my blood; I have a Master's degree in Social Work which is very useful when there is an emotional aspect to why someone is disorganized; my father was an entrepreneur who I admired; I've been told I'm very good at it.

What services does your business provide?: The technical side of my business is sorting, purging and organizing. The emotional side of my business (if needed) is to help support my clients through the process of organizing if they are emotionally attached to their "things", which is why some of my clients are in need of organizing assistance.

What do you want your business to be best known for?: Helping people take control of a part of their lives that is usually affecting other parts of their life. Making sense out of chaos... which is my motto on my business card. :)

What's your most popular product or service?: Helping people get their lives in order through organizing and emotional support through that process, if needed. Listening to my client's needs instead of trying to make them organize only like I would.

When was the business founded?: December 2012

Why did you choose to locate to the area?: My business address is in Huntington Woods because I live there. However, I happily support all surrounding communities.

For more information, call 248-420-2549 or email busybeas1@gmail.com.


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