Today at the Ferndale Blues Fest: Thursday, Jan. 31

Beth Stalker at John D. Bistro, Chris Brantley at Local Kitchen and Bar and more.

The Ferndale Blues and Music Festival is back for its 12th year and is offering more live music events than ever before.

The 10-day festival raises money for Ferndale Youth Assistance and the Michigan AIDS Coalition. [Do you have Blues Fest photos to share? Add them here!]

For further details, including a full schedule of events, how to donate, parking and more, visit: Your Guide to the 2013 Ferndale Blues and Music Festival.

A map of the venues can be downloaded here.

The festival continues on Thursday with the events listed below.

Thursday, January 31

John D. Bistro Thu. 1/31 Beth Stalker / 9:00pm Dino's Thu. 1/31 Ashley Fransh and Josh Meyer / 8:00pm
Grasshopper Pub Thu. 1/31 Deeps Sessions Detroit * DJ Minx Womenonwax / 10:00pm Local Kitchen Thu. 1/31 Chris Brantley / 10:00pm
One-Eyed Betty's
Thu. 1/31 Jackson Smith / 9:30pm Sakana Thu. 1/31 DJ Strangeways Radio / 9:00pm Sneakers Thu. 1/31 Karaoke

Call ahead to confirm times or visit www.ferndalebluesfestival.org.


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