Rochester Kids Win Top Prize in Thanksgiving Robot Parade Contest

Their creation was scientific!

A robotic float created by a group of Rochester Hills kids took home the top prize in a local Thanksgiving-themed "RoboParade."

Anna Tyshka, Sophia Propson, Molly Propson, Alex Tyshka and Zachary Propson created the winning float for the seventh-annual Thanksgiving RoboParade held at Macomb Community College last weekend.

Anna and Alex are homeschool students from Washington Township; Sophia, Molly and Zachary are homeschool students from Rochester Hills.

Students had to program their robot floats to detect other robots and to stop and re-start without human help along the parade route. No remote control was allowed. 

RoboParade is intended to help inspire students to pursue science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, as well as computer science in a creative environment.


Lawrence Tech is based in Southfield. For more about the RoboParade, visit the website. 



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