One-Day Woodward Dream Cruise Goes from April to August: Too Much?

One Royal Oak resident said the noise associated of dream cruisers on Woodward Avenue is such a distraction she has to close her windows, even during pleasant weather.

Dream cruisers are showing up earlier every year. (Patch file photo)
Dream cruisers are showing up earlier every year. (Patch file photo)

Dream cruisers are already out in force, raising a perennial question in Royal Oak: Are the noise and traffic associated with the Woodward Dream Cruise too much?

The parade of classic cars – and new ones – down Woodward Avenue, the nation’s first highway, is a nostalgic event that recalls 50s and 60s, when kids cruised the streets in their hotrods.

It’s a one-day event in theory, but in practice, it runs from April to the actual date of the cruise, Aug. 16.

Marcia Tong, a nearby neighbor, told the Detroit Free Press the incessant noise is “so bad” she has to close her windows five nights a week and use her air-conditioning, something she would prefer not to do when the temperature is a pleasant 75 degrees.

“Dream cruisers are showing up earlier and earlier” each year, Royal Oak Police Chief Corrigan O’Donohue said. He assigns a pair of officers to Woodward Avenue on Fridays and Saturdays. A beat car checks the area on weeknights.

Click here for a sampling of what Patch readers had to say about the Dream Cruise last year.

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  • Is the Woodward Dream Cruise too much?
RON Ostrodamus June 05, 2014 at 12:27 PM
Sorry Joseph, you are only partially right, Royal Oak is presently evolving in an environment of laissey-faire that began with the robber barons in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and is still popular in today's world of off shore accounts, hedge funds and political lobbies and PACs. Unfortunately, for RO residents the majority of the beneficiaries from our city hall's TIFA largess are not small business people, nor are they the majority of the city's long time residents. The rents driven by the mega bars and city red tape make it almost impossible without a little grease from someone with experience in city hall. With only one exception I am aware of most of the mega bars are still filling their spacious commuter car trunks with cold cash from the rivers of beer and cocktails, while on the other end politicians, consultants, lawyers and judges profit from the never ending ching ching of parking fines, DUI offences and gratuitous political funding. Believe it or not I am ok with almost all of that but for ...sake how about a larger slice of this pie for those of us who actually live here. Theoretically, residents can vote in more community driven leaders instead of electing the same parasites and their deluded go along sycophants. One of whom apparently is just in the game for an opportunity to make himself feel important and maybe take a higher step up on the ladder with a better pension. What really kills me is I used to like him until I discovered that his promises were just that.
Joseph June 05, 2014 at 01:33 PM
Ron, how many of the bars are owned by local business owners? Are they all owned by international conglomerates that are "in cahoots" with the local government? Simply put, the point of owning a business is to make money. If not, I believe that is called a charity/non-profit. If those business owners have a sense of social responsibility even better. All I know is RO has one of the best school systems in the state and I have 5 beautiful parks within a stones throw from my house that are all meticulously manicured. I enjoy shopping at the stores AND attending the bars/restaurants that trouble you so. In my experience all I've seen are people walk around downtown RO with big smiles on their faces. Only one reason for that: They like what RO has to offer. Try doing the same in down in downtown Detroit.
RON Ostrodamus June 05, 2014 at 10:10 PM
Lets see how many agree with you Joseph. You obviously already recommended yourself so I would be interested if you could get a few more recommendations. It is not unknown for certain cheerleaders close to our mayor to toss these kind of bombs at iconoclasts such as myself who do not think Ellison is the cat's pajamas any longer. If you saw a kid you knew had great potential would you not want to encourage that kid to work hard and succeed? This city has the opportunity to be truly great and it is in the hands of pretenders who can't tell the difference between a silk purse and a sows ear Add that more than Birmingham, Berkley and Ferndale put together RO has had a long history of missed opportunities to prove what I say. Its biggest mistake was painting itself into a corner with a humongous parking meter contract that is yet to be paid off and presently is stifling the additions of offices and quality retail while leaving the bars as the only businesses that can survive more than ten years under oppressive parking enforcement. Think about how parking is free after midnight which gives the bars the edge. Tonight though a little cool was another example of motorcycle decibel mayhem with chopper clowns blasting their speakers and jock rockets trying their best to imitate the sound effects of an Armageddon.
Bill Shaw June 06, 2014 at 10:10 AM
Ron, I still don't understand. Once again, you've taken a story about the early dream cruisers and gone all over the board. You seem to have a hard time staying on topic. Again, you have some creditable ideas but I get lost trying to follow your obsession with the Mayor, park benches, bars, and meter officers. Especially when you reflect on these issues in the same comments. I still worry about your lonnnnnng stretches. You're going to live with a rupture for the rest of your life! Stay well.


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