Fenton Residents Share Their Love Stories

Share your love story on Fenton Patch.

It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air!

We recently asked Fenton Patch readers to share their love stories on the Fenton Patch Facebook Page. Here is some of their responses.

From too skinny and too annoying to falling in love

Crystal Hiler met her husband in middle school, but at that time, she said he was too skinny and she said he thought she was annoying. However, by the time they were upperclassmen at Linden High School, the story changed.

"..suddenly he wasn't so unattractive. He was hot!" she posted.

Their love grew stronger at Grand Valley State University and now have been married for more than six years.

"There is no one else I could share this life with! We belong together!" Hiler posted.

Have it Your Way at Burger King

Gayle Hart Breece posted that she met her husband at the Burger King drive thru across from GVM on Linden Road back in the 80's.

"Celebrating 22-years in April and I fall in love with him over and over again."

An open heart, even through four open heart surgeries

Becky Creech-Palmer met here husband when he was 18 and she was 22.

"I was picking my sister up from work and she introduced us. He told her that day, which I didn't find out until years later, that he would marry me one day," she posted.

"We went on a date and I just felt like he was too young and too immature."

The two remained friends, however. It took her a long time to fall in love with him, until one day in 2003.

"We took Hannah (my baby) to the park just like we had done a million times before. I watched him chase her through the park, pick her up and swing her around, and love her so genuinely and at that instant my eyes opened. I fell in love with a man who had been in love with me and my child for so long," she said.

She said the two have had "super crazy trials and a lot of bumpy roads" including a son being born without the left side of his heart and going through four open heart surgeries, but have endured.

"The absolute best part of being in love is overcoming our obstacles together as a couple and knowing that we have conquered things that most couples couldn't," she posted.

Rolling into love

Kim Lovegrove-Miller posted that she  met her husband at the roller rink in Fenton when she was 15.

"That was 29 years ago. We have three awesome kids and are now empty nesters. With all the LOVE and LIFE in between!"

How did you fall in love? What's the best part if being in love? Share your story in our comment section below.

Jason Alexander February 14, 2013 at 01:21 PM
I met my wife at Central Michigan University in 2003. She still has the biggest heart out of anyone I've every met. Where did you meet your significant other? How long have you been together? What's the best part of being in love?


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